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Let us tell your story!


Hello! I am Roberta Sargent, this is my husband Seth, and we are a part of Woven Memories. My good friends Misty and Cherish are the other parts of Woven Memories. Together we form a team that is dedicated to capturing the memories you want. There are so many different events that deserve quality pictures such as family reunions, birthdays, and weddings! We would love to catch any of these, or do a scheduled photo shoot!


We do our pricing and photo packages quite differently than some so here is a little bit of explanation. We would love to talk to you to come up with a dollar amount per hour based on what you want and that's it.  Don't worry, we do have a website with all our pictures that offers printing from a professional lab and is very easy to use if you don't want to worry about printing them. 

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